About Sheeke

Sheeke Aesthetics is the health and beauty care provider of our parent organisation “Sheeke FBH” (Fashion, Beauty and Health).

Our sole purpose is to develop a long lasting relationship with our clients and bring our expertise and services as a supportive partner in our client’s journey to transform their looks, self-esteem and confidence and improve

their health and well-being to be the exact image that they conceive for themselves. We walk hand in hand with our clients and help them to achieve the looks and image that they envisage for themselves.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the provider of best aesthetic care that compares with the best anywhere in the world at a cost that is affordable to you who desires to improve your looks, self-esteem, health and well being.

This means that we provide aesthetic and beauty care that is very affordable to your pocket but still gives you excellent outcomes. Our watchword is “High quality at low costs”.


What sets us apart

We share the satisfaction of our clients; we are only successful when our clients are happy. Our success is not measured by how much money we make

Every business seeks to survive and make some money so we are no different. What sets us apart is that your money is not our first desire. We take delight and great satisfaction in working with our clients to look and feel their best so that they are happy and glad to have used our services and built a relationship with us. Your satisfaction and happiness is our first, foremost and greatest desire and that is how we satisfy ourselves that we have been successful.

So our prices are affordable and tailored to what you want, how you want it and when you want it. We work with our clients to first to understand their needs, agree on how they want to look after the treatment and plan the journey to get the exact look and feel together. It’s a journey of transformation that we make together, supporting our clients all the way and we make sure that our clients achieve the outcomes that they have in mind and which we have both agreed on from the onset.


How we do this

We are able to give you the excellent and high quality aesthetic care at affordable cost because our business is owned and the care is provided by a clinician who

  • Is a qualified nurse with over 25 years of clinical experience; most of which occurred in surgical theatres which provide cosmetic surgery
  • Has qualifications and certified training in all forms of injectables and fillers, skin care treatment and body sculpting
  • Is a qualified nurse prescriber registered by the UK Nursing and Midwifery Council
  • Is highly competent through attaining the relevant academic proficiency and knowledge that supports her practice including a Master’s Degree and other post graduate qualifications in the areas of clinical practice
  • Has qualifications in teaching and Counselling and is therefore able to support clients through the entire journey of transforming their looks and help them to achieve the outcomes that they desire and set for themselves
  • Gives treatment that is personalised and dedicated to the specific needs of each individual client (not a one size fits all treatment)
  • Is caring and appreciates the different needs of individuals
  • Has the knowledge and competence (from the understanding of anatomy and physiology) to identify what different treatments and products are suitable for the different body shapes and the specific changes that a client’s body has experienced
  • Is able to give treatment using the skills and competencies that are only possessed by clinically trained people.