FAT DISSOLVING SOLUTION - AQUALYX for Non-Surgical Liposuction

Aqualyx is an injection used to treat localised fat and is cheaper than liposuction. Aqualyx®, developed for the non-surgical reduction of localised fat under the skin, is an injectable, gel-based aqueous solution, which dissolves fat and is biocompatible and biodegradable. It works by dissolving fat cells and the body expels the dissolved fat naturally.

Treatment regime

The time taken for a treatment session will depend upon the size of the area and indication being treated.
Treatment can take between 30 – 60 minutes per treatment and you will typically require 2 – 8 treatments, 4 weeks apart. Some people may see significant results after 1 or 2 sessions.

Treatment for fat pockets underneath the neck and chin, for example, may require 1 – 3 treatments of 2 – 3 injections, while treatment for fat pockets on the hips and thighs may require 8 treatments.


The results of an AQUALYX treatment are permanent as far as you don`t gain weight. Once the freed fatty acids have been processed through the body’s lymphatic system, they don’t reappear.

However, the procedure is only permanent if you follow a healthy diet and exercise frequently following treatment. If you regain weight, it is likely that the fat pockets will reappear. If a healthy lifestyle is maintained, the results should be permanent.


People treated with AQUALYX will typically experience minimal side effects when compared to more invasive procedures, such as liposuction.

Side effects include some redness, swelling and tenderness in the treated area.

Some people may experience some light bruising, but this and any other side effects will usually resolve within a few days. You may need to take over the counter painkillers to control any pain-related side effects.

AQUALYX is not recommended for women who are pregnant or breast feeding. It is also not recommended for those people who have been diagnosed with lipodystrophy or any pathological conditions.

It should only be used in people aged 18 – 60.

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Cost of treatment

The cost of treatment depends on the area(s) being treated and the indication and can range from approximately £395 – £495 per session. Treatment of smaller areas such as under the chin, may cost around £250.


Areas of Treatment



No. of Treatments



Price per  Treatment


Double chin 2 £150
Pre-jowl sulcus 2 £150
Arm pits 2 £150
Upper Arms 

Back Fat Hump

4 £150
Thoracic Rolls 4 £250
Lower Abdomen  4 £250
Hips 2 £200
Saddle bags 4 £200
Inner Thighs 4 £200
Knees 2 £150
Flanks (Muffin tops) 6 £180