Chemical Skin Remodelling and Management


Chemical peels are used for skin remodelling and rejuvenation. Skin remodelling is achieved using the chemical peel by inducing fibroblasts to produce new collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. Old skin is broken down necessitating the replacement of skin.

 Skin rejuvenation is the removal of the epidermal cells to allow re-growth of epidermal cells to achieve superficial smoother clearer skin. According to the chief executive of Skinmed, Enerpeel technology is like no other chemical peel because of its ability to be drawn deep into the skin using 0.5% MSM to prevent skin trauma before releasing the acid remodelling chemical inside the skin and not on the skin surface. Enerpeel delivers ingredients to treat specific skin issues e.g. acne, pigmentation, skin damage, fine lines and wrinkles, rosacea

TYPE FUNCTION Price per Treatment Course of 4 Treatments
Enerpeel SA Comedogenic and inflammatory acne, active lesions and oily skin £60.00 £220.00
Enerpeel SA-CB Salicylic peel for chest and back acne

Individually priced areas

 £80.00  £300.00
Enerpeel MA  Pigmentation, anti-ageing, summer peel  £60.00  £220.00
Enerpeel PA  Skin tightening, pore refining, stretch marks, seborrhea, oily acne, damaged skin, evaporates oil in the skin  £70.00  £260.00
Enerpeel JR  Sun, age, hormonal non-inflammatory pigmentation and anti-ageing  £70.00  £260.00
Enerpeel TCA  For age and sun related damage, raised scar reduction  £90.00  £340.00
Enerpeel TCA (Strong)  Deeper remodelling, scars, and post- surgical use  £99.00  £380.00
Enerpeel EL  Eyes and lips area. Priced per area  £40.00  £130.00

Treatment Plan

After a thorough consultation a bespoke treatment will be prescribed for you depending on your skin condition, sensitivities, ethnicity (traced to your grand- parents), and Fitzpatrick scale. We do not do lazy peeling i.e. one size fits all peel